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Our passion is to help you live out your faith as a family & invite your neighbor to join. Find your place at the table.

The Banks House Story

Knoxville, TN (March 2007 - current)

The Banks 

This is where it all started for us. A run down house on a little street called the Banks House. 
We didn't know what we are doing (still don't). 
But we packed in guys and decided to run after Jesus together.

Being musicians, the house naturally filled up with instruments and recording equipment. Weekly worship nights birhted a collection of songs than eventually made it an album called Live at the Banks House (creative name, right?)

We can definitely say this house changed our lives. The recipie was simple enough: Share a home. Share meals. Share life. Invite anyone to join.

Today, the community house lives on with our friends Melody & Spencer Ratliff. They continue to share their table and hearts with the neighborhood.

We hope this story inspires you to make where you live count. It can be so much more than a place to sleep.

The York House Story

Los Angeles, CA (August 2017 - current)

The York House

As our numbers of grown, a good number of us have felt called to move to Los Angeles.

So we've finally made the plunge and have rented a house in Highland Park. We're packing it full of friends. We plan on hosting worship nights here, making videos, and drinking lots of coffee.

Your Story

Your Turn

The ______ House

You've got to eat & sleep somewhere. 
So make it count.

We believe the Church is family, not a building. Family invests in a city. They make their place more beautiful. Strangers become friends. The lonely find belonging. The anxious find peace.

We challenge you to find otheres who love their city, combine resources, and do something together you could never do on your own.

Nathan Fray

Drummer and
co-founder of United Pursuit